South Africa, with its Excessive export trade support programmes, there is undeniable need to market our products to the global village. Our intent is to create and promote an export culture so diverse, unique and original. From African Artifacts, fresh produce organic grown under our beautiful long sunny days, meat products rich with protein, Aloe and Pine by products for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Our country came out of age and intends to create value out of our natural resources and create employment for.


A well diversified construction, infrastructure and facility management services company. Providing project management for small to medium scale developments. Our core focus is building construction with the commercial, residential and institutional building construction sectors, putting more emphasis on after construction maintenance on commercial sector.

To retain continuous quality workmanship we source competent and experienced tradesmen and artisans. Our clients are pleased with our pricing, capacity, compliance and quality offering.


Since the success of Eskom load-shedding programmes, there has been a burgeoning introduction of integral energy mix and promotion of conservation in the country. Business keen to invest and poised to reap on solutions that would result in increased efficiency, productivity and profitabily while the government developed Integrated Resource Plan which determine prefered energy mix to support electricity demand for a set period.

For value creation the latter will be achieved by deliberate convergence of skill to deliver these services: At a professional level and contracting level,

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Water/Waste Distribution & Collection
  • Cogeneration Systems
  • Pumping Systems
  • Construction (Civil, General Building, Fencing, Kerbing, Paving, Tipper Truck and Pant Hire)


The strategy is to build a professional and credible Medical Waste Management entity with will service just as good private as public sector, be black owned and managed from the Eastern Cape. For now we shall ensue collaborations with positive Enterprise Development Strategy, with clear exit plan. It will serve us right to learn the ropes from experienced entity as the industry is rigged with a litany of regulations to protect the public and for nature conservation.

The niche in this area is that 8 District in the province are serviced by one Landfill and a lone incinerator.

With possibilities of waste to energy prowess and multiple byproducts that could be consumed by the construction industry, there has never been such an opportune time to be involved in the industry.


We offer turnkey solutions and implement services in the socio-economic infrastructure of the Eastern Cape, having competent and experienced teams in the following offerings

  • Low Cost Housing Construction
  • Invisible Fence, Clear View, BetaFence, STORM FENCE, D-Fence
  • Security Walls, Precast Concrete Slabs, Block and Brick Work and Features
  • Mixed Development, Residential & Commercial
  • Plumbing Works
  • Partitioning and Ceiling
  • Roofing, domestic, commercial and public structures
  • Civil works, Paving, Curbing and Tarring of Small Areas
  • Painting work
  • Rainwater harvesting


With high cost of desalination of abundant salt water, clean and drinking water for many poor South Africans still remain nothing but a pipe dream. As TDT and Projects like many developmental entities are tasked to provide working solutions, to provide scarce resources at relative affordable cost. And teach them one needs not all pay everything but employ natural ingenuity to sustain themselves.

  • We provide
  • Storage Tanks in varying volumes (150Lt to 40 000Lt)
  • Purification equipment
  • Piping equipment
  • Pumping systems
  • Elevated stands
  • Sorage facilities
  • Water goods (supply and installation gutter and downpipes)