About Us


Today’s Destiny collective experience in the business spans over 2 decades (20 years) of commitment, passion, and commitment. We have tried our hands in various industries and services and ultimately streamlined towards construction, exporting and general supply services company with ambitions of being a prime and preferred diverse entity. 

TDT Projects is committed to playing a significant part in Rural and Township Development, by partnering with development agencies and business that appreciate emergence of this sector.


As we grow to be recognized for our passion and quality, compliance and builders of choice in our nation.


We are customer-centric and driven by passion. We strive to perform consistently better than our previous best, providing quality at affordable prices and within budget and projected timeframes.


To provide quality social solutions for our clients while creating resilient communities with enhanced quality of life.


For consistent high performance, regulatory compliance, continuous training and skills transfer, product knowledge and capacitation becomes core management duties.